4 Safety Tips for Pheasant Hunting in 2020

With pheasant season wrapping up soon, it’s important to go over some tips for the next season. These are there to not only keep you safe but also to keep those around you safe. Many accidents can happen while out hunting, so it’s important to take as many precautions as possible. This is true even if you’re hunting alone or if you’ve been hunting for years. With that being said, here are four tips for pheasant hunting in 2020.

Discuss Communication With Your Group

In addition to figuring out signals and alerts for communication when your team is just walking around, you also want to figure out something for when you guys are moving in on an animal with your weapons ready and loaded. According to Browning Trail Cameras, not only will this minimize the chances of someone being in the line of fire, but it can stop everyone from shooting at once and possibly hurting each other. It’s important that everyone knows these signals before you start on your hunt, so there isn’t any kind of confusion.

Pre-Check for Obstructions

You’ll also want to make sure you pre-check for obstructions. This should be done before you ever get to the area you’ll be hunting at. There are a few reasons for this. The first is because you don’t want to be trying to fire at an animal only to have the gun not go off. Another reason is that having something obstructing your weapon could result in an accidental discharge or the weapon actually exploding in your hands. Just look over the weapon well while it’s unloaded and ensure that everything is clear and working correctly.

Utilize Safety Equipment

Since it’s extremely important to practice as much caution as possible, utilizing safety equipment is something that everyone should be doing. Not only does this include items for your weapons, but you should also wear things like safety goggles, bright colors, and earplugs. For your protection, Vedder Holsters recommends that you carry firearms in a holster with the safety on. This will help ensure you know exactly where your weapon is at all times and you’ll have less chance of accidental discharge.

Act Carefully With a Loaded Weapon

Finally, make sure you act carefully with a loaded weapon. Avoid actions like roughhousing, climbing trees, and running if you’re carrying a weapon. If you need to do any of these things, at the very least make sure your weapon isn’t loaded. This type of behavior can easily lead to someone getting hurt and can be 100% prevented!

While these tips might sound like common sense, they can really help minimize any accidents that happen while you’re out hunting. It’s important to ensure the safety of everyone out in the woods during the season because you never want to put anyone in harm’s way. Use these tips in addition to the normal safety precautions you use every year.

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