A Beginner’s Guide to Small Game Hunting

If you’re about to pick up hunting as a new hobby, you’re getting ready to enter a whole new type of sporting activity. There’s a lot you need to know before you get started. You’ll need to get your license and know the local regulations for hunting, for starters. Here are some other things you’ll need to be aware of to get you going.

Make Sure You Have the Proper Equipment

Having the proper equipment for your hunt is crucial to the success of your hunting experience. Many hunters use a variety of guns or crossbows as their weapon of choice. Make sure you’ve looked up and understand the local regulations regarding your chosen weapon and ammunition. If you want to be able to observe your prey from a distance, according to Range Finder Now, you might consider using a spotting scope. Both these and binoculars can be useful when it comes to getting a closer look at your target. You should also make sure you are appropriately dressed for both the weather and where you’ll be hunting.

Know What to Hunt and When

As a hunter, you’ll need to become familiar with different hunting seasons. This is closely regulated at the state level. You’ll need to make sure you understand what you’re allowed to hunt and when you’re allowed to hunt it and obtain a hunting license to do so. According to the NRA-ILA, this is one of the primary differences between hunting and poaching. You don’t want to be operating outside the law here. Legal issues aside, understanding hunting seasons will also help you have a successful hunt, both this year and into the future. Hunting seasons help protect the wildlife population, which both protects the population’s survival and your ability to have a decent population to hunt from.

Skin Immediately

Once you’ve harvested your small game, you’ll need to process it quickly. Field dressing is an important part of the hunting process that helps keep your meat fresh and protects the quality. According to the Hunt and Fish Connection, it’s important to skin rabbits and squirrels right away because small game can harbor disease-ridden fleas. Other small game animals, such as fowl, will also need to be dressed promptly. Once you’ve skinned and gutted it, put it in a Ziploc bag and place the bag in a cooler with a frozen water bottle to keep it cold.

Hunting takes time to become good at, but it can be a very rewarding activity. Make sure that as you get started you have the proper equipment, you know what to hunt and when to hunt it. Take care to process your kill in a timely manner. This will help you have a successful hunting experience and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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