How to Plan the Ideal Alaskan Hunting Trip

Alaska is the largest state in the United States of America. It’s also home to some of the largest big game hunting in the United States. Going hunting in The Last Frontier, as some call it, is a hunter’s dream. In order to make the trip turn out perfectly, you need to prepare properly. Here are three important tips for making your trip turn out smoothly.

Bring the Right Gear

The first thing you need to realize about hunting in Alaska is that you are going to get wet. If you’re planning to hunt trophy animals, you’re going to find them in locations with lots of water. According to Clearwater Alaska Outfitters, you’re going to want to have hip boots or waders and a good pair of rain pants. Make sure these are comfortable and have no leaks. Don’t skimp on your rain gear either. Staying dry will be an important factor in health, safety, and fun. Alaska gets cold, so make sure that you bring warm clothes and a sleeping bag rated for cold weather. Make sure that you have plenty of batteries for your headlamps and flashlights. Make sure that you also bring quality hunting gear, including knives, rifles, shotguns, scopes, and binoculars.

Pick the Right Time

The best time for hunting depends on two things. First, the animal that you want to hunt. Second, how well you can handle the snow and cold. You need to make sure that you go during the correct hunting season. For example, according to the Hunt and Fish Connection, the brown bear hunting season in Alaska begins in August and ends the following spring. Hunting an animal out of season can result in a hefty fine ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Things could get much worse if you also happened to have been hunting on private property without permission. In all cases it is best to do your research and follow the rules.

Guide and Transportation

If you don’t live in Alaska, you will be required to hire a guide. Your guide needs to be licensed by the state. This may seem like an inconvenient expense, but these guides will know the best places to hunt. They can save you a lot of time and keep you safe at the same time. Guides will be familiar with the dangers that are unique to Alaska. Your guide will also be able to give you recommendations on the best way to travel the Alaskan wilderness.

You should of course set a budget and follow it. But this is also the trip of a lifetime. Don’t make things difficult on yourself by worrying about your pocketbook. Do what it takes to have the trip of your dreams. You certainly won’t regret it.

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