Landove 20-60X 80 Prism Spotting Scope: Premium Quality Spotting

Landove 20-60X 80 Prism Spotting Scope

Outdoor enthusiasts are always getting amazing hobby-related products. From drones to high-tech action cameras, there’s a wide variety of products that are meant to improve the naturist experience. But products don’t have to be complicated to provide a wonderful experience. Optics has come a long way over time, and grabbing a powerful, full-featured scope has never been easier.

Birdwatching, hunting, or just plain-old sightseeing experiences can be infinitely improved by quality, well-built scope. Depending on the quality of the lens, the feature set and the overall choice of materials, a spotting tool can turn an ordinary day in the park into a memorable event.

A good scope is defined by a number of things. Firstly, the quality of the lens and prism are crucial to the overall sharpness of the image. Additionally, coatings can really improve light penetration, contrast, and resistance to the elements. Moreover, a good scope will be made to last—the manufacturer will avoid using plastic for the casing to save some money and will go straight to metal or fiberglass.

Landove had designed a prism spotting scope that’s capable of incredible zooms while keeping a very clear image. It’s got a quality build which features premium materials, great coating for a good grip, and stellar lens craftsmanship.

The Landove 20-60X Prism Spotting Scope Features

  • Waterproof and anti-fog lens design
  • Fully coated body and accessories – lenses provide clear, crisp images and the body is easy to grip and hold onto
  • Comes with smartphone camera adapter – smartphone can be connected via an optical adapter and record events that happen at 20-60x distance
  • Full accessories: comes with tripod and carry case


  • Great overall quality and design
  • Comes with smartphone adapter
  • Great zoom capability
  • Waterproof and anti-fog lens
  • Comes with accessories included


  • The included tripod is a bit flimsy, which can be an issue for the scope’s safety
  • Viewing angle is a bit narrow


Landove have managed to produce a high-quality, enthusiast-level spotting scope. It’s a versatile tool since it can be used in a big number of outdoor activities such as golfing, hunting, bird watching, amateur-level astronomy and more. The incredible 20-60x lens zoom allows users to observe landscapes and environments in great detail, with a very clear, sharp image.

The build quality is stellar. Both the lens and the eyecup are made by professional craftsmen. The 80mm green film lens is the centerpiece of the whole contraption since it provides the user with great detail observation, a design that prevents it from getting foggy and waterproof features, making it a good choice in every environment and any season.

For the best possible results, the device can be adjusted in three individual points. Both the ends are fitted with dials, so the user can adjust the zoom and amount of light find its way into the system. Additionally, it has a focus dial and an elevation dial. These fine-tuning options can’t be found on lower end scope models and are sure to be appreciated by both amateurs and enthusiasts.

It’s designed to last—it comes with a full metal body covered by a protective rubber layer. The interior is sealed tight, preventing water from leaking in. The whole concept is made shockproof, making it durable and resistant to falls. That being said, keep in mind that the lens is still very frail, and a direct impact will undoubtedly damage it.

The eyecup can be fitted with a smartphone adapter, which allows the user to align the phone’s camera with the lens, being able to document and record findings. This is also a great tool for amateur photographers and birdwatchers since it can bring a big bump in quality to their hobby.

The tripod and carrying case are very welcome accessories. They don’t impress in any way, but they’re decent. Users are sure to make use of these two accessories, since quality tripods (even average quality) and carrying bags can certainly amount to a considerable sum of money.

The whole package comes together nicely. The smartphone mount combined with the handheld tripod makes it easy to navigate the landscape. It has a sunshade, a generous one, so the quality of the image will be intact even in very sunny conditions. Users who own a dual or triple-camera smartphone can also benefit from the smartphone mount and create some very interesting content by playing with the camera’s focus.


The Landove 20-60X Prism Spotting Scope is easily one of the best products on the market. It’s a full-featured, fully-equipped spotting scope, crafted by professionals with quality materials and a great overall design. That being said, the consumer must be aware of the market’s offer and conduct a more thorough exploration. Surely, there are more companies that manufacture such great products.

The Celestron Ultima 80 20 to 60×80 Straight Spotting Scope is a spotting scope that’s similar in price to the Landove 20-60X prism spotting scope. It has similar features and is a direct competitor to the Landove product. With that said, let’s take a look at its features and see the real difference between the two.

For starters, the Celestron Ultima 20 to 60×80 spotting scope features a straight design. This means that a tripod would be very uncomfortable to use and a prone position is going to provide the best viewing angles. This means that it would take more time for the user to adjust if they want to change angles.

Moreover, while the zoom is, in theory, bigger than the Landove ones, in practice, going above the 25x setting will put a lot of strain on the user’s eyes and even cause blurriness. Lastly, the Celestron Ultima scope doesn’t come with anything other than a carrying case. In addition to the tripod and carrying case, the Landove also includes protective glass sheets and a cloth for keeping the lens clean.

Ultimately, by comparison, the Landove scope is a big improvement over the Celestron product because of its constant image sharpness, even at longer distances. Additionally, it’s nice to have a fully-equipped device, courtesy of the manufacturer.


For amateurs, a 15X scope will probably do wonders. Those that want to get better results from their sightseeing and birdwatching trips, on the other hand, will recognize how good of a product theLandove Prism Spotting Scope is. Great quality, a great value-purchase, and outstanding sharpness at high distances—what more can an outdoor geek ask for?

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