OXA Angled Spotting Scope Review

OXA Angled Spotting Scope Review

Hunting is a loved sport by many. It is passed down throughout the generations and helps form bonds between family and friends. Because of this, spotting scopes were created. Binoculars just were not enough to provide the results that people needed.

For those who have been hunting before, you will understand the need for an angled spotting scope. Especially if you live in an area where you need to look up a lot of hills to find your target. Angled spotting scopes are also characterized by their lightweight and flexibility.

If you think you will be doing a lot of hunting and looking downwards a lot, you might want to consider getting a regular spotting scope. Angled spotting scopes can be hard on your neck if you plan to look down steep hills. So, without further ado, let’s discuss the OXA Angled Spotting Scope.


The OXA Angled Spotting Scope features a waterproof design. No matter what the weather conditions are like, you can hunt. It comes with a tripod perfect for birdwatching.

Its variable magnification goes up to 20 and it features a dynamic lens focusing system. This allows you to easily zoom in on your target and make for the perfect shot.

Whether you are shooting or doing archery, hunting birds with the angled spotting scope are great. The lens is fully multi-coated providing you with a clear and concise image. The brightness is exceptional and makes hitting your target easy.

Made of a magnalium framework, the durability is unmatched in OXA’s angled spotting scope. With shock-absorbent armor and an eyepiece shield, put your worries away as you hunt. The field of View is 100 yards per 1000 meters and the objective lens diameter is 60mm.


  • High quality
  • 20 magnifications with a dynamic lens focusing system
  • Comes with a heavy-duty tripod and carrying bag
  • High durability and includes an eyepiece shield for maximum protection
  • Great clarity image view
  • Fully multi-coated lens
  • Waterproof and fog proof


  • The magnification does not hit 20x all the time
  • Chromatic aberrations appear on the edges of the optics
  • The scope does not zoom


OXA provides a lot with its angled spotting scope. With a beautifully bright and clear image, you cannot go wrong with choosing this scope. The magnification suffers occasionally, and the scope does not zoom, but overall, it is a great scope.

With many additional items such as an included tripod and carrying case, you get what you pay for. The lens is fully multi-coated and the scope itself is waterproof and fog proof.

No matter what the weather looks like, you can enjoy this scope fully. The durability of both the scope and the tripod is amazing. You can expect to have this scope for many hunting seasons to come.

OXA Angled Spotting Scope Review


Most angled spotting scopes are similar in terms of features. The main difference exists in the components and that will make deciding based on your own personal hunting style and range.

As such, we will be comparing the OXA Angled Spotting Scope with a common rival, the binoculars. Doing so will highlight the features of a spotting scope and the differences between the two.

Deciding Between Binoculars and Spotting Scopes

One big decision of most hunters is choosing a spotting scope over their trusty binoculars. The equipment you use can make a huge impact on your hunting performance.

That is why we’ve decided to point out the differences in the spotting scope and why you should be using a spotting scope over some of the best binoculars on the market today.

Spotting Scope Uses

If you are doing any type of hunting, long-distance bird watching, or nature studying, spotting scopes are essential. The magnification is a very big reason.

With a spotting scope, you can see much farther than most binoculars. They are also usually eyepieces that can reach up to 250x magnification and still provide a clear image.

You also have the choice of choosing between angled spotting scopes and straight spotting scopes. This provides more versatility depending on the type of hunting you want to do.

With spotting scopes, you can safely observe animals from a distance that will not scare them away.

Determine Your Hunting Style

Why You Should Choose a Spotting Scope over Binoculars

There are several reasons to choose a spotting scope over binoculars. Zoom power is the main reason. Having the max 250 magnification that a spotting scope can provide is much more useful than the average 10x magnification that binoculars provide.

Animals have very keen senses. This is why distance is very important for any hunter or bird watcher. Spotting scopes allow you to maintain this distance and not have to worry about any animals fleeing from you.

Confirming your hit is much easier when the lens you are using shows a clear and accurate image. With binoculars, seeing if you hit your target is extremely hard which means after every shot, you will need to walk to your target and confirm. This is tedious and unnecessary when you have a spotting scope.

OXA Angled Spotting Scope vs Wingspan Optics Spectator Binoculars 

Now, let’s compare the OXA angled spotting scope to Wingspan’s Optics binoculars.

Looking at the biggest difference between spotting scopes and binoculars, let’s discuss the magnification power. The Wingspan binocular only has a magnification power of 8x.

On the other hand, OXA provides up to 20x magnification. The field of view is also significantly different.

Both are easy to carry and lightweight, providing great durability. However, for hunting, using the binoculars would make for a more challenging experience. A spotting scope gives you more flexibility and accuracy.

The objective lens diameter of Wingspan’s binoculars is 32mm. In comparison, OXA provides a 60mm objective lens diameter. This provides a much better image.


The OXA Angled spotting scope is a wonderful scope for any hunter or bird watcher. Long-distance viewing has never been easier. Unlike most binoculars on the market, you can easily make use of the extensive magnification of the lens.

Enjoy easy bird watching and accurate hunting with OXA’s Angled Spotting Scope.

OXA Angled Spotting Scope Review
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OXA Angled Spotting Scope Review
The OXA Angled spotting scope is a wonderful scope for any hunter or bird watcher. Long distance viewing has never been easier.
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