The 4 Most Picturesque Hunting and Fishing Areas in North America

There’s something elemental about hunting and fishing that allows you to connect with the great outdoors on a deeper level than mere sightseeing allows. However, that shouldn’t make you any less appreciative of the gorgeous vistas you’ll encounter along the way. Here are four scenic locations that provide the perfect atmosphere in which to track your game, set a trap, or cast a line.

Florida Keys, Florida

Anglers looking for a warm-weather escape need look no further than the Keys, whose waters are home to a multitude of species of fish, among them redfish, snapper, mahi-mahi, and grouper. In between casts, explore the delights of Key Largo and Islamorada—or Key West, if you prefer a livelier scene (just don’t expect to wake up early enough to watch the fish jumping the next morning).

Gallatin National Forest, Montana

What North American hunter hasn’t felt the lure of the wide open spaces of the Northwest? This wilderness, located in southern Montana, covers more than three million acres, providing plenty of hiding places for the ubiquitous elk that reside there. For a true adventure, hire a professional guide to take you on a multi-day excursion, preferably on horseback. Fair warning: You may find yourself harboring serious doubts about ever returning to the rat race.

Black Hills, South Dakota

Many tourists make the trek to this scenic area of western South Dakota, chiefly to check out the larger-than-life monuments at nearby Crazy House and Mount Rushmore. But did you know that it’s a hunter’s paradise as well? In addition to the plentiful deer, the region plays host to an abundance of wild turkeys, sharptail grouse, and ringneck pheasants.

Tongass National Forest, Alaska

Located in and around the Juneau area, this vast expanse of wilderness is ideal for big game hunting. If you’ve always dreamed of tagging a brown bear, the Alaskan forest provides a great opportunity to finally cross this item off your bucket list. When you’re not out tracking the land animals, try dropping a line into one of the many lakes and rivers. There’s a good chance you’ll land the biggest salmon you’ve ever seen up close.

As a continent, North America is teeming with wildlife—most of which can be found in areas that mankind’s boot has yet to trammel into dust. Use your favorite pastimes as an excuse to explore some of these remote reaches for yourself.

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