Tips for Having the Best African Hunting Safari Ever

While an African safari can be a wonderful experience, there are many things that a person can do to inhibit the level of enjoyment and accomplishment that such a life experience can give them. This article seeks to better inform individuals of some tricks and precautions to take in order to maximize what such an experience has to offer.

Get a Good Scope

Optical equipment is the most important component of any hunting trip. Some African game is more than capable of hurting or even killing a hunter, and it is best that safari hunters choose a scope that accurately covers distances the hunter is adept at hitting a target from. To put it bluntly, nobody uses a shotgun when they go hunting lions.

Remember That You Are Helping the Host Country

While some demographics are quite unhappy with the notion of hunting across the African savannah, the truth is that some countries offer game hunting in order to manage the local animal population and bolster their economy. By allowing tourists to come in and shoot down predatory animals, the country is able to put that money toward conservation efforts that maintain the land and the wildlife that lives within it.

Make it an Experience to Remember

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Anyone with the means to fly all the way out to Africa to engage in a hunt is someone who has thought seriously about their trip and wants to make the most of it. One of the best ways to really amplify the luxury of this experience is to stay in a luxury apartment, especially one close to the area you intend to go hunting in. Depending on the game involved and the services being offered, the facility may even allow you to dine on the meat of your kill in a manner of their recommendation.

Do Not Hunt with Brand New Footwear

In order to minimize discomfort, start by choosing footwear that you have worn for at least a month. A few months is sufficient time to break that footwear in and ensure your comfort when traveling on foot in the bush. You want to bring a pair of rubber-soled shoes. Hard rubber is durable enough to prevent the thorns and other brush from stabbing through your soles.  

Bring Floss

A needle and some floss is an underappreciated piece of a safari kit. Because of its impressive tensile strength, floss can be used as improvised thread for mending minor damage to clothes and possibly also as a substitute for the proper material to sew up a wound from an unfortunate wildlife encounter. There’s also the obvious benefit of keeping your teeth clean.

Color Matters with Cameras

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While you can get by commemorating a successful hunt with the camera on your phone, you could always go big and bring a professional camera on your trip. Whether you use your phone or a professional camera, avoid black cases and camera bags whenever possible. The color black is a magnet for heat and heat can damage your equipment.

Closely Consider Your Clothes

What you wear affects whether or not animals will see you. To that end, never wear white clothing as it is the exact opposite of camouflage on the savannah. Safari hunters should choose colors of clothing that will blend in with whatever terrain they plan to hunt in. Dark greens are ideal for the savannah, veldt, and forests of countries like northeastern South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

Browns and khaki are best for hunting in dry, arid climes like the Kalahari Desert, western South Africa, and Botswana.

There is also the matter of clothing material to address. While cotton is often recommended within guidebooks, newer materials that are better able to respond to the body’s capacity to sweat, have since come onto the market. An all-cotton ensemble traps roughly a fifth of the perspiration a person sweats out as it combats overheating. When looking for clothes suitable for a hunt, hunters should be looking for attire that mentions “moisture-wicking” on their labels as they are far more efficient at disposing of the sweat they collect than regular cotton. Hunters can also minimize the risk and discomfort of overheating by either wearing a wide-brimmed hat or soaking a bandana with water and keeping it worn around the neck.

Wrapping Up

While there are countless other tips, precautions, and considerations that any African Safari hunter should know, this list is a starting point for preparation. By following this list’s advice, anyone who goes hunting within the Africa continent should be considered quite prepared.

Tips for Having the Best African Hunting Safari Ever
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Tips for Having the Best African Hunting Safari Ever
While an African safari can be a wonderful experience, there are many things that a person can do to inhibit the level of enjoyment and accomplishment.
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