Spotting the Right Spotting Scope

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Introduction to the Spotting Scope:

A spotting scope is a portable and small kind of telescope that is often utilized for the observance of terrestrial objects. The spotting scope has add-on optics that enable the viewing instrument to produce an erect or upright image – the opposite of the upside-down or reverse images that are often produced by telescopes. Aside from observation of terrestrial objects, the spotting scope is also known to be used for other various outdoor activities. Read More About Spotting Scopes »

The Best Spotting Scope Reviews

Top Spotting Scopes Chosen by Editors

Gosky Porro Prism Spotting Scope


Celestron 52248 Ultima Spotting Scope


Solomark 15-45x60 Angled Spotting Scope


Visionking 25-75x70 Maksutov Spotting Scope

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