Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Spotting Scope Review

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Sometimes viewing an object from a distance is difficult because the human eyesight can only see so much. Thus, a lot of viewing instruments have been made to help with long-distance viewing.


Ordinarily, the go-to viewing device is binoculars. However, there are circumstances when a pair of binoculars is not enough to give the needed image quality. To pick up where binoculars left off, the spotting scope comes into play.


And when one is looking for a high performing and quality spotting scope to use for outdoor activities, no one can go wrong with a Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Spotting Scope.


• Porro prism design
• Fully multi-coated optics
• Up to 60x zoom in magnification
• 100% waterproof design
• Rubber armor construction
• Compact tripod & window mount
• Hard side waterproof & compact soft-side case
• Lifetime warranty


The Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Spotting Scope has a lot to offer to its viewers but on the top of the list is good image quality. The spotting scope may be set to the highest magnification but the quality of the image is not significantly lowered.


This spotting scope is still able to offer a crisp, clear, and bright viewing, despite being pegged at such a high magnification. Moreover, another feature that enables the spotting scope to offer such good quality viewing is the device’s fully multi-coated optics.


The fully multi-coated optics allow for the faster transmission of light within the spotting scope – which, as a consequence, translates to having a good quality of image despite being powered at high magnification such as 60x.


Also, the spotting scope adopts a Porro prism design which makes it possible for the spotting scope to create an erect and upright image instead of a reverse or upside down looking image which is normally present in several types of telescopes. With the Porro prism, there can be accurate imaging despite the far distance.


Moreover, the spotting scope is a good outdoor viewing device. There is no need to worry about the spotting scope being exposed to various weather elements and getting damaged as a result this one was made to be 100% waterproof.


Water getting into an instrument is one of the most common reasons why such things become damaged yet this is not a problem with this particular spotting scope because of its ability to prevent water from getting into its body.


Thus, the spotting scope is a perfect outdoor device that can be exposed to all weather conditions without necessarily crumbling. Another feature of this spotting scope that should be noted is the rubber armor construction of the product which gives the spotting scope added protection from pressure or blows.


Instead of being directed to the spotting scope, the shock will be diverted to the rubber armor. With the armor construction, the spotting scope is made to be durable and long-lasting – a trait that will save its owner from having to spend much on replacement expenses.


On top of the superb spotting, scopes are equally good performing accessories that will support the viewing device. Purchasing this spotting scope would likewise entitle the buyer to a compact tripod that has a window mount as well as a premium waterproof hard side & compact soft-side case.


Moreover, the spotting scope is backed up by a lifetime warranty that will play a big role in full customer satisfaction.


Aside from the benefits and nice features of the Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Spotting Scope, one should also note some of the drawbacks of having this spotting scope. On top of the list is the expensive purchase price of the spotting scope.


The next downside of having the spotting scope is its cheaply constructed feel that would question the durability of the spotting scope. There is also some feedback that in some instances the spotting scope can only handle up to a 48x magnification range.

The Verdict

The Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Scope offers significantly more benefits than disadvantages, which are mostly minor ones. One of the major drawbacks of buying this particular spotting scope is its expensive purchase price which may not be quite affordable for others.


However, considering the quality and performance one can enjoy in using this viewing instrument, it can be said that the price is only commensurate to the benefits which the owners can reap out of using the spotting scope.


This is certainly a spotting scope that can be recommended to other outdoor lovers and not end up getting disappointed with the results. This spotting scope is one product that can deliver and rise up to the occasion without any difficulty.

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