Emarth 20-60x60AE 45 Degree Angled Spotting Scope

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The Emarth spotting scope is an efficient and clear scope that can be used for shooting, spotting, and hunting. This is a scope that can also be used by bird watchers and is easily transported with a carrying bag.


The lens is clear and uses multi-coated optics that reveal contrast, color, and shard resolution. The range is far and wide and can be used with a 20x to 60x magnification.


The prism provides a clearer image and is protected against fog. This is a scope that can be used in any type of weather and is coated with rubber so that the lens will not break or crack if dropped accidentally.


The scope has an objective lens and its diameter is 60 mm while the eyepiece is 16 mm wide. Eye relief is at 17-13.5 mm and has a field view of 1000 meters.


The optical coating is full and multi-coated and the entire unit is only 640 grams. The Emarth Straight Spotting Scope with Tripod has a central focus system that makes the images clear and even far-ranged images can be captured without difficulty and with distinct clarity.


This is a product that delivers good images at the same time is flexible in rugged surroundings. The lens is protected well by well-structured housing and will not break on impact.


Some key product features include:


• Can be used for hunting or birdwatching
• Can be used in rugged settings
• Able to deliver fog-free images
• Has an objective lens diameter of 60 mm
• Has an eyepiece diameter of 16 mm
• Field of view is 1000m
• Has a weight of 640g
• Magnifies as much as 60 times
• The frame is protected by a rubber exterior
• Can be transported anywhere
• One year warranty
• 30-day cash refund policy


This is a scope that will make objects at very far distances appear near and can deliver at far distances because of a wide objective lens. The field of view is up to 1000 meters and will make hunting or bird watching more efficient and will be useful in locating objects from afar.


The product is highly portable because it has a carrying case and the product itself is lightweight. The lens will not fog up because this scope has an anti-fog mechanism that makes it functional even in the rain.


The frame’s rubber exterior protects it from breaking when the scope is dropped or when the item is hit by a large and solid object.


The distance that is covered by this lens is as far as 250 yards and is fully functional for rock climbers who want to survey a climbing area. The scope can be adjusted to see a high surface with much clarity and detail.


This is a tool that can be effectively used when hunting. This is because the hunter will be able to see animals at a far distance and see the direction of where they are going.


Both rock climbers and hunters will be able to get a clearer picture of the area without leaving their positions. The zoom on the lens makes the objects look closer and the user will have a better view of the area involved.


This is a product that is not sensitive and the optics will not be broken or misaligned. The eyepiece has a 16 mm diameter and viewing is better.


The product will perform in the rain because the lens has an anti-fog system that controls the moisture from entering the lens. The rubber covering makes the lens properly protected, not just from hard objects, but also from water.


The scope is made stable and balanced by a sturdy tripod. The scope will be able to stand firmly on its own and the panning lever makes it easy to manipulate in any direction.


These features make it easy for the user to watch birds and follow their movements. The viewing experience is enhanced by the 13.5 mm eye relief.


For the quality of delivery of the product, the lens is reasonably priced and will be able to sustain hard conditions. The product is great for any type of weather and is not fragile.


The product is bulky and will be hard to carry when shifting positions.


The Verdict

Emarth Spotting Scope with Tripod is a well-built scope that has a wide range of uses and is extremely useful when viewing objects from afar. The scope is balanced and the tripod ensures that it stands well in any weather condition.

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