Nikon Sunshade Spotting Scope Review

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This is a sunshade that can be screwed to the sun visor and threaded at the end of the Nikon scope. It can be attached to a scope of a rifle for better precision in hunting. The scope is made to make spotting and zeroing of targets much more efficient.


Lining up for a shot is made better and done in a better method than just using a scope. The sunshade protects the sun from glaring and extra light exposure. The target is seen clearly and will not appear glaring or hard to see.


The Nikon Sunshade Spotting Scope is a highly efficient tool that can be screwed on a scope easily and holds well to the scope. The body is made of a black finish and is protected against rain and heat.


The scope line is clear and the images delivered by the lens are unexposed to the sun. This sunshade can also be used with other scopes that will make birdwatching and looking up against a rock wall better and with more vivid imagery.


This is a product that is best used with Nikon scopes. Nikon has a reputable name in building lenses for high-quality cameras over the decades and is a trusted manufacturer of lenses and optical devices.

Some key features include:

• Can be screwed on a sun visor of monocular
• Compatible with scopes on rifles
• Has a good finish that is rust-proof
• Fits into Nikon scopes and devices
• Can be used in any weather condition
• Lens has rain and heat protection


This is a product that enhances the performance of a scope and will lessen sun exposure while hunting or bird watching on a bright summer day. This is a product that will make the subject more visible and the structure of the sunshade is well-made.


The product is also great in making the scope process lamination properly, which is especially useful in hunting and zeroing in.


The structure of the product is stable and can easily be screwed on a scope or sun visor. The lens is protected by a coated material that will make the lens stable and scratch-free.


The transition of the image from the sunshade to the scope is flawless. This is a scope that is compatible with most Nikon products as well as generic scopes with a 40 mm diameter. The shade will not shake or fall off and is securely fastened to the scope.


This is a product that is a good match with a Remington 700 SPS tactical AAC SD 308 with a Nikon p308 4-12×40 scope. The Remington will provide accurate shots and the user will be able to see the target more efficiently and the user will be able to hit the target with more precision.


For bird-watching, the sunshade will be great to use when the scope is tilted up to the sky and the scope gets more sunlight. The images will not appear blurred or too exposed. The user will be able to appreciate the colors and texture of the subject that is being viewed.


The sunshade provides good support to Nikon scopes by delivering the best imagery even at far distances. When the image is magnified, the scope will most likely render a better image with the sunshade.


The user will not have to worry about the shade falling off. This is a product that has higher performance with a Nikon scope P-223.


This is hard to find a product and is more expensive than other sunshades. The product description is limited online and there is no customer support. There is a chance that the colors of the images will be sacrificed because the light is lessened to a great degree.

The Verdict

This is a product that works well with Nikon scopes and a few good 40 mm scopes. For the most part, the screw-on mechanism fastens well to the scope and gives the user a sense of security. The Nikon Sunshade Spotting Scope is well-made due to the sold black-coated finish.


The product is also great in minimizing sun exposure and is a great tool to see the subject better. Hunting and bird watching will be more enjoyable.


The shade is also a great device that protects the scope from breakage in intense heat or rain. Because of the shade’s ability to lessen the light, some colors will be compromised, especially in the shade.

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