Meade Instruments Wilderness Spotting Scope Review

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This spotting scope is made by a quality manufacturer of optical products. Meade Scopes are made of high-quality lenses and can last for years. The prism is of high quality and diffuses light appropriately.


The rendering of the image is more accurate and clearer. The lenses are coated and have anti-reflection mechanisms intact. The entire product is waterproof, fog-proof and nitrogen purged. The treatment of the product is well-made and the construction is stable.


The magnification power of the lens is 20 to 60. This is a product that can deliver even when put in extreme weather conditions.

The rendering of the image is sharp and its 80mm objective lens renders bright and detailed images. The Meade Instruments Spotting Scope comes with a soft case and a camera adapter for easy mounting on a camera or for bird watching.


This is a scope that is best for viewing landscapes because the field of view is wide.


• Made of high-quality lens
• Has magnification of 20-60 power
• Has a zoom prism that processes light efficiently
• Lenses are multi-coated and anti-exposure
• Can be connected to a camera
• Tripod is well structured and balanced
• Objective lens is 80mm
• Has water-resistant and fog-resistant properties
• The body is nitrogen purged
• Product weight is 3 pounds
• Can be easily mounted on a tripod


This is a product that delivers well and has a good method of rendering images with little exposure. The scope is built for rugged environments and will make bird watching much more fulfilling.


This is a product that has high-quality lenses that are multi-coated and have anti-fog mechanisms. This is a scope that is not sensitive to outdoor conditions such as rain and extreme heat because the scope is coated with a high-quality rubber that resists water and heat.


The lens and prism are able to process light efficiently so that the subject will not appear overexposed or blurred.


This is a scope that has precision ground lenses and is multi-coated and able to sift the light properly. The images will appear crisper and sharper.


This is a scope that is perfect for bird watching and even when looking at far distances, the subject will appear clearly. The entire body of the scope is purged with nitrogen to ensure that the life of the product is sustained and will not wear out easily.


This scope is water and fog-resistant and will not let moisture settle in the mechanism of the scope.


The scope is three pounds in weight and comes with a soft case. There are three holes that are found on the camera adapter that can be used to mount to a tripod.


When used for hunting, this is a scope that can enable the hunter to follow the subject with utmost clarity. The lens makes the scope focus automatically and the superior optics of Meade will enable the user to take more accurate shots.


The scope measures 60 x 80 and the objective lens is 80 mm. The images are sure to be bright and the viewing experience is fulfilling.


The viewer can be able to survey a subject as far as 500 meters. The eyepiece can be rotated to 360 degrees and can adapt to the viewer’s position.


This is considered a low-end scope but the quality of the product matches the price. The product is designed for service for a long time.


This is a product that cannot be used for stargazing. When it is mounted on a tripod, the movement of the scope becomes limited.


The power of the scope will not be able to sustain watching at night. This is a product that is best used for birdwatching. There are other products with a higher price with added versatility.

The Verdict

The Meade Instruments Spotting Scope is a good product and sustains the good standard that Meade has produced over the years. The product has a far-reaching scope and can render images of subjects that are 500 meters away.


This is also a product that has good light illumination features because the lens is well-made. The product has a very efficient prism and an anti-exposure mechanism that delivers vivid images consistently.


However, this is a product that is not designed for stargazing. The product does not come with a tripod, although it is compatible with any camera tripod.

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