AW Angled Monocular Spotting Scope: A Great Outdoor Companion

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Few things compare to a nice day spent in the great outdoors. Nature is always beautiful, but it also has a lot of secrets hidden from the naked eye. Those who are in love with nature will know how much deeper the whole experience becomes when bringing a scope into the mix. Hunters and birdwatchers will all testify to how much of a difference a spotting scope makes in the outdoors.


Nowadays, spotting scopes are a form of affordable and reliable optics for nature lovers. With a sturdy constitution and a hefty amount of features, they will turn any camping trip into a bonding session between man and nature. That being said, what does a good scope need to have?


A shrunken version of the telescope, the spotting scope is meant to be used exclusively as an outdoor tool. This means that it needs to have a sturdy design and made with materials that can withstand nature’s elements. A good lens, for instance, is a lens that provides a clear image without putting strain on the eyes. A good coating and a good angle will certainly make a difference. Hence, let us review a specific model of spotting scope that might catch your interest.


The AW Angled Monocular Spotting Scope is a product that comes in two variable colors which are black and green. It is a product that can be used all year long because of its different features.

Product Summary

The AW Angled Monocular Spotting Scope is equipped with a weatherproof lens and zooming capabilities that make it ideal for outdoor activities. Likewise, the lens design and placement are done in such a way that the user’s eye will be as comfortable as possible when using the product. In addition to good placement, the main lens is also coated perfectly so that there is positive and balanced light penetration. Meaning, a good amount of light will still pass through the scope, but enough of it will be bounced back, making it safe to use in long sessions.

This product also has a three-point adjustment system that can help produce a crystal-clear image, making it perfect for viewing or documenting nature. Interestingly, you can also capture still images and videos using your camera phone since this scope supports a smartphone that can be mounted on the eyecup. However, you must buy an adapter for such a purpose.

The durability of this scope is also not questionable since it is has a rubber-like housing that can protect it from environmental and physical damages. What is better is that this product is sold with accessories that are somewhat expensive when you buy them separately, especially the tripod and carrying case. You just have to take note that the case will not be able to withstand bumping and scratches. The tripod also has limited use and is a little flaky.


• Powerful magnification.
• Offers good viewing angles.
• Functions well even in foggy or rainy weather.
• Durable, lightweight, and easy to use.
• Comfortable to carry around and store.
• Comes with a set of useful accessories.
• Good quality incorporated lens.
• Supports a smartphone camera adapter.


• The included tripod is a little small and not very durable.
• The smartphone adapter is not included.

Design and Construction

The AW Angled Monocular Spotting Scope comes fairly light, weighing about three pounds. The outer body is made of an anti-slid rubber-armored material that has been filled with nitrogen. In addition, the part wherein you will grip the scope when in use has an ergonomic design. It is equipped with an eyecup as well as a green film lens that has a size of 60 millimeters and a fully-coated optical glass. Three key points are used for adjustments: two on each lens and one for elevation and focus. This product also has a part intended for a smartphone adapter.

Optical Features

The AW Angled Monocular Spotting Scope enhances the image between 20 and 60 times, depending on how it is set. This feature makes it an ideal choice for observing wildlife that is hundreds of yards away, like bird nests and other wild animals. It is also great for planning climbs and enjoying inaccessible landscapes and terrains. In addition, it has an eye relief measurement of 13.5 to 17 meters, an exit pupil diameter of one to three millimeters, and a field of view of 19 to 36 meters per 1000 meters.


The AW Angled Monocular Spotting Scope comes in a package that contains some of the most basic accessories for protecting and using the scope. It has a tripod that can be useful especially if a flat surface is present in the area. This accessory, unfortunately, may only be used from a prone position. The bundle also contains a soft carrying case that can fit the scope, tripod and some cleaning accessories. Besides the tripod and case, it also comes with a lens cleaning cloth, caps for the objective lens and eyepiece, and a detailed user’s manual.

Comparison vs Another Scope

The outdoor accessory and optics market is vast that is why users often find it hard to settle for a product. With that said, the Celestron Landscout Spotting Scope is a similar product in terms of price, build quality, and design. Such include a rubbery and grippy texture that helps protect the scope, fully-coated optics, and low weight. This product also comes with the same accessories mentioned above, but the tripod included rotates well.


However, the Celestron Landscout Spotting Scope does not come with a smartphone adapter. Likewise, when it comes to optical power, it can only provide a maximum enhancement of 30 times.

The Verdict

Whether it is for hunting, bird watching, or just pure pleasure, the AW Angled Monocular Spotting Scope is the perfect product for the rookie outdoor lover. It has a complete set of features that will make your adventures memorable as well as a full kit of accessories.


Owing to its superior viewing distances, durable exterior, and quality lens, it’s the right pick for those in it for the long run. Getting an item such as this means that the users will enjoy their new nature companions for years to come.

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