Feyachi Spotting Scope with Tripod Review

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Hobbies and passion are the oxygen that keeps people alive and working through their dreary lives. Some of these include nature photography, bird watching, astronomy, and hunting; and the most common asset needed for such is a spotting scope. Hence, if you are a passionate photographer, archer, hunter, bird watcher, astronomer, target shooter, or even a boat enthusiast and nature lover, a spotting scope is where you need to spend those bucks.


Spotting scopes are useful since they provide clear, magnified, and high-quality images that are ideal for your long-distance interests. However, searching for the best one that can be used for all of the hobbies mentioned above is nearly impossible. That is because certain features will work for one and will not for the others.


Nevertheless, we will discuss the Feyachi Spotting Scope in detail to help you determine if it will suit your taste and needs. You will also get to know if it is really significant investment.

Product Overview

The Feyachi Spotting Scope is a product with endless, high-tech features that have satisfied a majority of its users. Being able to gift it to others just makes people hit the good books of their friends and family.


Functionality-wise, this scope provides a high-quality image due to all of the great features that it has. It has an angled eyepiece, a variable magnification, and additional usage instructions that allow even beginners to use it without self-doubt.


This scope is also comfortable to carry around which makes it usable for various purposes. Also, the adjustable features, i.e., magnification glass and focusing knob, add on to the multi-purpose quality. Being affordable, stable, lightweight, fog-proof, waterproof, glare-free, and shock-absorbent makes the scope more eye-catching.


However, most of the time, the product is delivered with missing items, especially the tripod. Nonetheless, Feyachi promptly takes action to fix this problem if and when it arises.


This spotting scope that comes in army green color has a size dimension of 350 by 100 by 75 millimeters and an approximate weight of 522 grams or 18.4 ounces. It has an eyepiece that has an angle of 450 degrees which makes it ideal for bird watching and nature viewing activities. The magnification can be varied from 20x to 60x, and the objective lens has a diameter of 60 millimeters. Changing the magnification power can be done by regulating the focus knob and the magnifying glass. With these optical features, the Feyachi Scope provides a clear, bright, and erect image.


The company also made sure that all the lenses are coated with multiple layers of top-of-the-line coating materials. Such denotes that the manufacturer ensured that the design is impeccable. The well-coated lenses are also large enough to ensure that they produce the best quality images. Additionally, the lenses are filled with nitrogen that makes them fog-proof when exposed to different temperature levels.


In order to make the spotting scope usable for all seasons and versatile, the manufacturer made it 100% waterproof. It is also extremely portable due to its lightweight and small size, making it feasible to be brought even at high altitudes like in the mountains. What is better is that the tripod that comes with it has a low height that will provide the best support in windy weather. Such stability allows the scope to be used for more extended periods without getting on your nerves.


Looking closely at the target during hunting or the images of sites is not a problem since it has a focusing system that is commendable. At a range of 1000 meters, this scope has a field of view of 36 to 19 meters. It also has an adjustable exit pupil ranging from 1.1 mm to 3.2 mm and an eye relief from 1.7 mm to 13.5 mm.


Feyachi raises the bar further by making this spotting scope shock-absorbent by adding rubber armor. On top of that, you no longer have to worry about glares and hurting your eyes during the summer season or in the middle of the day since the scope has an extendable shade.


Price-wise, it is considered an affordable option as compared to other similar products.

Pros and Cons


• An angled eyepiece with adjustable features
• Variable magnification power
• Good stability and lightweight
• Fog-proof, waterproof, glare-free, shock-absorbent
• Crisp and clear image
• Provided instructions
• Great value for the money
• Can be used in any weather condition


• At times, there are missing items in the package
• The lens is not long-lasting


As mentioned earlier, many different spotting scopes might be suitable for your needs, and one of which is the Emarth Spotting Scope, a multi-use spotting scope.


The magnification, objective lens diameter, eyepiece angle, and lens coating have been constructed and designed in a similar manner as the Feyachi scope. The Emarth scope has a dynamic focusing system and a good zooming range and to have better quality, the manufacturer incorporated a BK-7 prism. As similar to Feyachi, Emarth is also fog-proof, waterproof, and shock-absorbent. The company also offers lifetime support and a money-back guarantee, as they are quite confident about the quality of their product.


If you are a precautious one and prefer more technical features like a BK-7 prism or enhanced zooming power, then opt for Emarth. Otherwise, Feyachi is as good at its job with a lower price, great features, and stability for usage at any location.

The Verdict

Fulfilling the requirements of your exciting hobby will make you feel content and satisfied. The Feyachi spotting scope is one of the most cost-effective scopes that have numerous functional features. The image quality it produces and the variable magnification power make it a classy asset.


With an instructional guide, you can quickly make adjustments and learn how to use this scope for many outdoor activities requiring a spotting scope. Hence, the Feyachi Spotting Scope will surely help you get the real adventure that you thrive on, whether you are a beginner or not.

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