Visionking 25-75×70 Maksutov Spotting Scope Review

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From the earliest of days, man has had an infinite desire to see as far away as he can, but this has not been possible using just the naked eye. People still needed special devices or tools to do this almost impossible task. Enter the telescope. Telescopes brought the world closer, even the stars and moon nearer. Since the discovery of the telescope, it has evolved to accommodate uses other than celestial object viewing. It became necessary for hunting, target shooting, bird watching, and more. From telescopes came variations of binoculars and spotting scopes.


The spotting scope is a type of telescope primarily used for daytime object viewing and terrestrial sightseeing. It has a cylindrical body made of a high-grade plastic material or metal body. Inside are carefully installed optics made of special glasses for magnification or zooming capabilities.


The spotting scope is commonly used by hunters to bring their targets nearer visually before pulling the trigger. Marksmen, snipers, and spotters use this scope on a firing range for target practice or during actual military operations.  Spotting scopes can also be used by nature conservationists to study flora and fauna or by any casual observer for leisurely viewing of objects that are too far for binoculars to reach.


This review will focus on one spotting scope in particular: the Visionking 25-75×70 Maksutov.

Product Overview

The VisionKing 25x75x70 spotting scope is versatile, compact, and well built. It has all the modern components expected of standard spotting scopes with the additional incorporation of  BAK-4 prism and a multi-coated 70mm lens. It comes with protection against water, fog, and moisture buildup.


With its weight at just 800grams, the purpose of portability becomes even clearer. Users can make an easy decision to bring the device because of its lightweight, compact size.


The magnification power is comparatively at par with other high-end options at a fraction of the cost. The 70mm multi-coated lens captures the target objects with crisp and clear images.


This spotting scope from Visionking has a large magnification of 25x75x70. VisionKing 25x75x70 is a Maksutov class spotting scope with an objective dam of 70. Its lenses are catadioptric which means it combines some of the best aspects of reflectors and refractors in one.


This spotting scope is filled with Nitrogen gas and supported with leak-proof O-Rings to avoid moisture build-up and fogging. Its lenses are also fully multi-coated to provide optimum resolution and brightness.


The VisionKing 25x75x70 Spotting scope comes with an adjustable super lightweight tripod for steady viewing along with a standard-issue tripod with a universal anti-skid and anti-release adapter. The package also includes eyepiece and objective lens covers, an operation manual, and customized black storage with zipper and adjustable sling.


• Compact and Lightweight – The Visionking 25x75x70 has a listed net weight of 800 grams. Ideal for backpacking as it is easy to carry because of its compact form. This feature is ideal for mountain climbing and trekking. Its compact form can easily fit inside a car glove box or in outer backpack storage.

• Large Magnification – Visionking’s scope can pack a powerful magnification of 25×75 magnification. Despite being compact, the zooming capability is not compromised. With the help of BAK-4 prism and 70mm objective glass, a distance of 300 to 500 yards is easily achievable with crystal clear and sharp images.

• Waterproof – Another great feature of this spotting scope is its waterproofness. The user need not fear using it during rainfall or to transport it across big bodies of water such as rivers and ponds. The waterproof feature is perfect for outdoor events especially if the user needs to position it in an area where a body of water will cause the occasional splash.

• Fog proof and moisture-proof – The VisionKing 25x75x70 spotting scope is made using high durability O-Rings to make it watertight and airtight. Since fog and moisture buildup will cause the lens to moist and deliver a fuzzy, unclear image target, VisionKing sealed the spotting scope with Dry Nitrogen gas to counter the effects of moisture. A fog-proof spotting scope is especially necessary for events of sudden temperature change.

• Multicoated lenses – Visionking’s 25x75x70 spotting scope objective lens is multicoated. This coating allows better light transmission into the lens, protects it from glare, and lets the lens deliver better magnification. Capturing clear, crisp images from afar is the key to enjoying and maximizing the experience of using a spotting scope.

• Close Focus – VisionKing 25x75x70 offers a narrow focus of 10m.

• Eye Relief – Some users might find the eyepiece of VisionKing 25x75x70 spotting scope a better choice compared to other competitors within the same price range. VisionKing incorporated an 18-15 mm eye relief that is ideal for users wearing eyeglasses.

• Ease of Setup – The VisionKing 25x75x70 requires just a minimum bit of setup ( before use, making this ideal for beginners.

• Affordability – It is relatively inexpensive compared with other scopes with the same functions and values.


• Special Option – The Visionking Maksutov Spotting Scope also has an option to add a phone or camera adapter to let the user capture and store images via their cameras.


• Tripod – The tripod is light and wobbly when compared with other standard tripods. However, considering its overall price, an expensive tripod along with the package is not expected.

• Lack of Digiscoping Accessories – The VisionKing 25x75x70 doesn’t come with accessories to convert manual viewing to digital. The fitting adapter for a mobile phone or camera only comes as an upgrade. Versatility to make use of the scope is another point of concern.

The Verdict

The VisionKing 25x75x70 spotting scope is a great device for beginners due to its ease of use. It is also highly recommended for intermediate and advanced users as a backup spotting scope.


This spotting scope is a great buy overall when you consider its built, functions, features, and price. It can definitely compete with and give other scopes of a higher price range a run for their money.

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