TWOD Spotting Scope 25-75x 70mm Review

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spotting scope is a portable telescope used if more magnification is needed. It is widely used for hunting, shooting, birding, and surveillance as well as viewing landscapes, ships, wildlife, and distant objects. It is also more compact compared to an astronomical telescope which makes it portable. It is usually fog-proof and waterproof, which are features rarely seen on telescopes.


Unfortunately, there are a wide variety of excellent spotting scopes these days, and although it is a good thing, it can also give you a hard time deciding which one to get. So, in this post, we will discuss one of the best spotting scopes on the market today; the TWOD Spotting Scope 25-75x 70mm. We will elaborate on its features, its highlights, and its minor drawbacks, and compare it to other related items to help you on your search.

Product Overview

TWOD is a professional manufacturer that mainly sells bipods, scopes, reflex sights, red dots, monoculars, binoculars, laser sights, and other hunting accessories. TWOD Spotting Scope 25-75x 70mm is an ideal entry-level product for those who are just starting with hunting but prefer to use a feature-rich and yet affordable scope.


• Its multi-coated optics offer sharp clarity and help increase resolution and light transmission.
• Its large objective lens allows wide views even in low-light locations.
• Its retractable sunshade protects the optics and prevents glares.
• It is lightweight and has a rubber-armored casing that ensures durability.
• It is fog-proof and waterproof, which makes it an ideal outdoor must-have.
• The package includes a tabletop adjustable tripod for stability, and to provide ease of use in forests and rough terrains.
• It also comes with two lens covers, a carrying case, a cleaning cloth, and a manual.


• It does not come with adjustable eye relief.


This TWOD Spotting Scope has a magnification of 25 to 75x and an objective lens size of 70 mm which allows extensive and wide views even in low-light conditions. It has a 45 degree-angled eyepiece and a retractable sunshade that protects the optics and prevents glares. The multi-coated optics offer sharp clarity and brightness and increases light transmission and resolution. It is 14.57 inches long and weighs 878.8 grams.


It is lightweight and portable and comes in a durable and strong rubber-armored casing. It is ideal for any outdoor activity since it is waterproof and fog-proof. It also comes with two lens covers, a carrying case, and a cleaning cloth. You will also not need to purchase a tripod separately because it comes with a tabletop adjustable tripod which helps in maintaining its stability, mainly when used in rough terrains and forests.


Apart from the TWOD Spotting Scopes, there are also other items popular on the market today which are of the same genre. Let’s see what they can offer so that you can have additional options to choose from.

OTW Spotting Scope Prism Zoom Monocular

This spotting scope is waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof. It is designed to survive severe weather conditions with its rubber armor protection and strong magnalium framework. It has a rubber eyepiece that stretches out to provide comfort and protect the eye. It has a magnification of 20 to 60x and comes with a dynamic lens that allows you to zoom in on a target quickly.

Feyachi Spotting Scope Monocular Telescope

This is an angled spotting scope with a magnification of 20 to 60x and an objective lens of 60 mm. It has a lower mounting height which offers comfort when used for extended periods, provides more stability, and can be used even with smaller tripods. It also has a glare-reducing sunshade that is extendable. It is waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof. It has a large objective lens and fully coated optics which help deliver clear views.

The Verdict

After a detailed discussion about the features, highlights, and minor drawbacks of the TWOD Spotting Scope 25-75x 70mm and its comparison to other favorite products on the market today, can we say that it will be a good choice for a hunting accessory?


Well, we can say that it is an awesome pick considering the features it comes with for a very reasonable cost. Its magnification feature and objective lens allow you to get clear and wide fields of view even in dark or low-light conditions. It is durable, waterproof, fog-proof, and portable. It already comes with a tabletop adjustable tripod, lens covers, a carrying case, and a cleaning cloth, so you will not need to buy them separately which then saves you some more bucks.


The OTW Spotting Scope Prism Zoom Monocular, on the other hand, is a more expensive option but has an additional feature that is shock-absorbent, aside from being waterproof and fog-proof. If this feature is crucial for you, and you don’t mind spending a bit more on it, then perhaps this is the one for you. It also comes with a rubber eyepiece which provides comfort and protection to the eye.


However, if you need an angled scope with a lower mounting height for more comfort and also to fit smaller tripods, then the Feyachi Spotting Scope Monocular Telescope is ideal especially when you are going to use it for extended periods.


Overall, we can say that their functions are almost similar to one another, but some features are specific to each product. The best thing to do is learn about what features will suit the kind of activities that you will have and then figure out which spotting scope has most—if not all—your needed features. When you have succeeded in these steps, then congratulations! You have found the perfect spotting scope for your next hunting trip.

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