BARSKA Spotting Scope Review - Colorado

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From viewing the constellations at night to observing the birds in the wild. From the adrenaline rush of hunting creatures to the heady result of having hit the bull’s eye in target practice, having a good and reliable spotting scope to assist in vision deficiencies is a must.


When it comes to spotting scopes it is never a disappointment to rely on one of the leading spotting scope products such as the BARSKA Colorado Spotting Scope.


• 60mm large objective lens
• 91/30 feet at 1, 000 yards
• 45/15 meters at 1,000 meters
• 7m close eye focus
• 1-15.2mm eye relief
• BK-7 prism glass
• 100% waterproof & fog proof design
• Variable 20x-60x zoom magnification
• Quick access focus
• Includes a pan-head tripod, carrying case, and neckstrap
• Item weight: 2.6 lbs.
• Product dimensions: 15.3 in x 6.5 in x 4 in
• Backed by a limited lifetime warranty


The BARSKA Spotting Scope (Colorado) is made for high-powered observation whether one is at the comforts of one’s home or even far in the woods of the wilds. This is made sure by the 60mm objective lens and 20x to 60x magnification of the spotting scope.


Also, the large size of the objective lens makes it possible for the spotting scope to deliver a clear and crisp view of the target or the object being viewed. To add, the spotting scope also offers another nice feature which is fully coated optics.


The fully coated optics work to facilitate high light transmission, which in turn can result in a good quality of the image or the view despite being adjusted to high magnification. The common scenario of having poor image quality when the spotting scope is pegged at high magnification can be done away with this particular spotting scope.



Another feature that makes this spotting scope a must-have outdoor instrument is its adjustable zoom magnification. Unlike the static magnification that is normally offered by a pair of binoculars, this allows one to adjust the zoom magnification in order to easily locate the target.


Once the target has been found, the quick access focus of the spotting scope can be used to lock on the target or object. To add, the high-powered zoom feature of the spotting scope can be used in order to look at the finer details of the viewed subject – all at high definition (HD) contrast.


Furthermore, this spotting scope is made for the outdoors. The first feature that supports this fact is the spotting scope’s waterproof and fog-proof quality.


When in the outdoors, one is exposed to all weather elements, including water. Malfunction and total damage can be avoided because of its waterproof feature.


In addition, the spotting scope is made of good quality rubber armor as well as nitrogen purged construction which allows the spotting scope to endure harsh weather conditions. The spotting scope can also be considered to be lightweight at it is just 2.8 pounds so it can be easily carried around.


Also, the spotting scope is accompanied by a pan-head tripod that gives the device stability even in difficult terrain, a carrying case for the protection of the device, and a neck strap for easy transportation. To complete the package, this spotting scope is backed up by a limited lifetime warranty that will help in achieving full customer satisfaction with the product.


The BARSKA Spotting Scope (Colorado) also has its fair share of disadvantages. For one, the spotting scope is a good viewing instrument but not as much when adjusted to high magnification.

Also, the eye relief of the spotting scope is so limited that one has to position the eyes very near the eye field. This can be a problem for those who wear eyeglasses.

Also, the quality of the spotting scope is questionable because there are reports that the inner parts of the device start to fall off when exposed to too much movement or when being juggled around constantly.

The Verdict

For an entry-level spotting scope user, the BARSKA Colorado Spotting Scope is a decent purchase to make. One of the appealing features of the spotting scope is its very affordable purchase price; however, with the cheap price comes some compromise as to either the quality or performance of the spotting scope.


With an affordable price, no one could really expect high performance and quality from the spotting scope. Nevertheless, the spotting scope is still a good purchase to make and it can still go head to head with other more expensive spotting scopes over certain aspects.


This is a good product to start with and it can offer all the essential features needed to keep one on their feet.

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