Celestron 52248 Ultima Spotting Scope Review

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There are times when using a pair of binoculars is not enough to view objects from a far distance. This is due to the fact that binoculars have a limit to their viewing capacity.


For viewing beyond the limit of binoculars, what more can be done? Well, this is where a spotting scope comes into play. Spotting scopes are preferred because of their magnification range and viewing distance range.


So the next time one goes outdoors to observe objects and creatures from afar, it is also handy to have a spotting scope like Celestron 52248 Ultima Spotting Scope.


• Multi-coated optics
• Has sight tube easy & quick targeting
• 18x to 55x zoom eyepiece
• Scope Color: Grey
• Includes soft carrying case
• Item weight: 3 lbs.
• Item dimensions: 6 in x 7 in 18 in
• Backed by a limited lifetime warranty


The Celestron 52248 Ultima Spotting Scope has a lot to offer to its viewers despite its significantly small size. This spotting scope is a part of the Ultima series and it is considered the smallest and most affordable model, yet it does not lack in performance.


The spotting scope uses a refractor style and has multi-layer and anti-reflection on the eyepiece as well as the objective lens.


The multi-coated optics of the spotting scope facilitate an increase in light transmission, which means that despite being adjusted to a high magnification, the spotting scope is still able to provide good image quality. Such is a common problem with other spotting scopes but not in this particular viewing device.


Also, adjusting the focus of the spotting scope can be easily done with just a few turns of the spotting scope’s focus knob. The spotting scope has a good zoom eyepiece that allows the instrument to zoom in on an object or a target from afar without any problem.


The magnification range is also wide starting from 18x to 55x despite the small size of the spotting scope. The spotting scope is also a good outdoor viewing instrument for two major reasons.


The first is that the spotting scope is lightweight and small. Being light and small has an edge because it ensures portability.


The second reason for the spotting scope being a good outdoor device is the fact that it is made with a waterproof feature. Being outdoors will expose one, and the spotting scope, to different weather elements, one of which is water which could cause damage or even ruin the device.


This problem, however, can be avoided by the waterproof design of the spotting scope.


Finally, it is good to note that this particular spotting scope comes at a fairly affordable purchase price so the value is not detrimental to prevent one from having a spotting scope.


Also, another priority of the manufacturers of this spotting scope is to attain full customer satisfaction. This can be achieved with the lifetime “no-fault” warranty of the spotting scope.


Although there are many benefits, the Celestron 52248 Ultima Spotting Scope also has some limitations to consider before buying the product. The first is that the spotting scope produces blue fringing or achromatic aberration when adjusted to high magnification and it only becomes more evident as the magnification is increased.


The spotting scope uses a traditional crown and flint achromatic lens which may cause a false color which is termed as blue fringing.


The second issue about the spotting scope is its narrow field of view which would need the positioning of the eyes nearer the eyepiece. This could be uncomfortable for some and difficult for those who wear eyeglasses.


The third issue is the fact that the spotting scope is good for low magnification but not high magnification. The quality and performance of the spotting scope are not as high as other expensive spotting scopes; this is something that is to be expected when the purchase price is put into the equation.


The fourth issue is that mounting the spotting scope would not allow the barrel to be rotated; hence, the viewing experience of the user is limited. Finally, on a sunny day, solar flares can be seen every now and then.

The Verdict

The Celestron 52248 Ultima Spotting Scope may be small but is not lacking when it comes to quality and performance. This spotting scope can even give other larger spotting scopes a run for their money.


One of the traits that make the spotting scope an asset is its purchase price which is very affordable for the most part. However, the spotting scope also comes with its fair share of downsides but none are major enough to deter one from buying the product.


This is one product that offers good value for its price. Definitely one to be recommended for first-time users!

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