Roxant Grip Scope Monocular Review

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The Roxant Grip Cope is a monocular which is retractable and has a wide view. The design is compact and is easy to bring anywhere. The optics are high-end and made of all glass.


The eyecup is retractable and can be used with or without glasses. The product can be carried around in a pouch and belt loop that makes it handy to bring on camping and hunting trips. The view is wide and the images are clear.


This is a scope that is five inches long and has a rubber grip to avoid slipping and it has a comfortable grip. The diameter of the lens is just right to stop slipping.


The monocular is stable in one hand and the glass lens is coated. Light is transmitted effectively and there is optimal brightness when the image is viewed.


The image remains in high definition because of the high quality of optical glass. Magnification is just right and the image size does not shake in the process.


The Roxant Grip Scope Monocular is very portable and can even be used by rock climbing or when engaged in water sports. The lens is protected by the rubber-coated housing and will prevent water from entering the scope.


• Has a wide view and is very compact
• Magnification is at 6 x 30 viewing
• Length is 5 inches
• Product weight is 5.5 ounces
• Uses high-end and quality optics
• Can be used with or without eyeglasses
• Comes with a belt loop and neck strap
• Can be held steady by one hand
• Has the anti-shaking mechanism
• Light transmission is optimal


This is a product that is convenient to use because it is small but has a powerful resolution and magnification of 30x. The scope is made of high-end optics and glass that allow proper and optimal light distribution to the lens.


The quality of the image is clear and far objects look crisp and near. This is a tool that can be held with one hand and the viewer can even use it with glasses on.


The product is very light at almost six ounces and has a neck strap that makes it safe from falling or dropping. This is a scope that can be used when bird hunting or rock climbing.


This is a highly portable device and can be used in any kind of weather. This is a product that is great for the outdoors and will not easily break. The rubber grip serves as a non-slip grip as well as protection to the lens.


The lens size and magnification are just right. The wide-angle captures a large range of objects even when afar. For monoculars, images that are powered too much result in shaking images, and rendering will become blurry.


This product has just the right amount of magnification and holding the scope is more stable.


The scope is held stable by one hand. Especially when using the scope during rock climbing or hunting, having the scope held by one hand makes multi-tasking more effective and viewing can be done in real-time.


The use of the product is straightforward and there will be no need for complicated set-up or installation.


When used in an outdoor shooting range, this is a scope that can be used as far as 50 yards. This product can also be used when star gazing or bird watching.


The stars and constellations are easily visible with the product and it can be stored immediately in a backpack.


This is a product that has a limited capacity to see objects beyond 50 yards. The tool is more efficient when it is being used for rock climbing or bird watching but not too great If used in a firing range.


This is also a product that is easy to lose and misplacement is a big possibility. There is a likelihood that the product will be dropped.

The Verdict

The Roxant Grip Scope Monocular is a product that is stable and portable with a wide field of view. The product’s use is very easy and can be balanced with one hand.


This scope allows multitasking in target shooting, hunting, or bird watching. This is a product that is great for scouting terrain that is shorter than 50 yards. Users should be careful not to lose it as it is only five inches long.

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