Gosky Titan Monocular Review

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Interestingly enough, binoculars are becoming a thing of the past because nature seekers are looking for more innovative viewing experiences in the great outdoors. Fortunately, technology has become a driver for improvements, and it has become possible for the outdoor enthusiast to enjoy a new viewing experience using their smartphone.


One such device that has allowed for an enhanced viewing experience is a monocular. A monocular can be best described as a sort of telescope that has refractive properties. Meaning, they are used to magnify distant objects. The only difference between a monocular and a binocular is that the binoculars add perception and is used on both eyes.


These monoculars are generally attached to your smartphone’s camera and allow you to view live images on your handheld device. If you are one who loves nature, or you know someone who is, then you should consider getting them a high-powered prism monocular that they can attach to their smartphone. An ideal prism monocular should be compatible with the most popular smartphones and their operating systems. Since these devices are already making a name in the market, we have decided to review one for you.

Product Overview

The Gosky Titan 12 x 50 High-Power Prism Monocular is a device that can enhance your outdoor photography and photo viewing experience. It can be used in different weather conditions and outdoor activities. That is because it has a nitrogen seal that can block the entry of environmental elements that might destroy the product.


Likewise, it brings you closer to the outdoor experience by providing you with images that are of high resolution and have accurately represented colors. These images are not only clear but they can be magnified for your viewing preference. If you want to capture or record your moments, you can simply connect a smartphone adapter to it.


Despite its seemingly unique features and its list of pros, the cons should not be overlooked. The Gosky does not take perfect pictures. In fact, to get the best pictures, the manufacturer recommends the use of a tripod or voice control so that the device will not vibrate or be shaky. They also insist that you get a camera shutter wire for this purpose. This monocular is also a bit bulky, so it may be a bit of a turn-off to persons who are accustomed to using professional cameras as they may just prefer to use their own cameras.


In addition, if you have a larger phone, this may be a bit difficult to use and will require you to have a lot of patience when attempting to place the phone in the holder. Setting up the smartphone with the monocular prism may also take a bit of time. Nonetheless, if time is of the essence, then you may want to consider setting up the phone and monocular before heading outdoors to ensure that you do not miss any valuable shots.

Features, Pros, and Cons


• Rubber armor grip with stripes
• The scope has a nitrogen barricade
• 12 x 50 magnification
• 50 mm FMC green film objective lens
• BAK4 prism
• Quick alignment smartphone holder
• Approximate weight is 13.85 ounces
• Dimensions: 2.09 x 2.95 x 5.3 inches
• Field of View is 289 feet or 1,000 yards
• Angle: 6.5 degrees
• Adjustable eye cups


• Waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and fog proof
• Easy to hold
• High magnification allows you to see twelve times closer
• Produces bright clear and crisp images
• Better light transmission and brightness
• Can also be used during rainy seasons
• Can be used with or without eyeglasses
• Easily connects to a tripod
• Compatible with most brands of smartphones
• Works with or without a phone attached to it


• Better pictures are taken using a camera shutter wire control for your smartphone.
• The voice control feature or a tripod should be used to prevent vibrations.
• A bit on the bulky side.
• The holder only lines well with smaller phones.
• Setting up may take some time


A monocular is probably an easy instrument to buy, so long as you are not too fussy about the features. However, shopping will never be complete if you will not compare the product you intend to buy with another model. With that said, we have found that the Gosky Titan can be compared with the Metal Bay High Power Monocular Telescope.


The two will be compared because they have very similar features. For starters, they both have a magnification range of 12 x 50, and they are both waterproof. The eyecups or masks are also adjustable to suit the needs of each user. It too has a 50 mm FMC green film objective lens, but its images are viewed mostly in high definition, unlike the Gosky that only makes their high-resolution images.


The Metal Bay Monocular comes outfitted with a tripod, smartphone holder, prism scope, cleaning cloths, carrying bag, protection cover, a user manual, and low light that is suitable for night vision. The Gosky lacks some of these add-ons but comes with a smartphone adapter, carrying bag, protection covers for the eyepiece and lens, as well as a cleaning cloth and strap. Notably absent from Gosky’s packaging is a user manual. Also, the Metal Bay Monocular is half the price of the Gosky monocular.


However, the Gosky Titan Monocular is made of sturdier materials as compared to the Metal Bay Monocular. Also, there are some complaints that its night vision is not actually working perfectly. Nonetheless, both of these products can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

The Verdict

If you are not on a tight budget, the Gosky Monocular is a good addition to your camping, hiking, bird watching, solar eclipse viewing, and other outdoor activity paraphernalia. However, do not get us wrong as this belongs to the mid-price range and not on the expensive one. That makes it a worthy investment as it is a sturdy and all-weather device that captures images that you can proudly display and keep in your gallery.

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