Gskyer Spotting Scope Review

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This scope has an angled spotting capability that will allow 25 to 75x magnification. The lens is objective and dynamic. This scope has a focusing system and delivers a clear view. The product’s lens is clear and is multi-coated.


The tripod is portable and gives stable support to the scope. The whole product is purged with nitrogen and has a durable construction.


The size of the lens is 60mm and the prism is composed of multi-coated optics. The scope comes with a carrying bag, handle tripod, and cleaning cloth.


The Gskyer Spotting Scope is constructed well and has an aperture of 75 mm. The focal length is 430 mm and has an angular view that can switch from one mode to the other.


Eye relief is 13 mm and the exit pupil diameter is 1.1 mm. The near focus is 33 feet and magnification can be done as far as 75x. The lens is covered in rubber-coated housing and protects the product from impact and strong bumps.


This is a product that can be great for birdwatching, camping, target shooting, or rock climbing. The product is great when used outdoors and will not crack in heat or rust when wet.


Some key product features include:


• Durable construction and purged with nitrogen
• Multicolored optics made of high-quality glass
• Aperture of 75 mm
• Magnification is from 25x to 75x
• Angular field of view is at 1°48’@25x, 0°57’@75x
• Product size is 12.6in (32cm)
• Product weight is 3lbs (1350g)
• Can be used outdoors in any type of weather condition


This is a great product that produces a good resolution and wide-angle. Magnification is optimal at 75x. The lenses are powerful enough to absorb light and produce clear images even if the subject is far away. The scope can easily be turned by the panning lever, which makes it easy to locate birds or scouting out animals for hunting.


The product is 12.6″ (32cm) long. The body of the scope is covered with rubber which protects the lens from moisture and absorbs shocks when the product is dropped.


The holes on a target sheet are very clear when viewed through the scope. This is a tool that is used best as a spotter and viewing from afar is not a problem.



The magnification can be adjusted at various levels and can be strengthened or weakened according to the users’ preferences. Viewing is optimal from 328 to 656 feet (100 to 200 meters) and is a great tool for target shooting. The focus wheel is well made and provides smooth images.


Another plus for this product is the tripod which keeps it stable and balanced at all times. The tripod has a solid construction and is not heavy.


This is a scope that is easily carried around in the outdoors and is great for making objects clear in any type of weather. The scope is protected by a rubber-covered housing that protects the lenses from breakage as well as keeps them dry at all times. The rubber is not heat absorbent and will actually deflect heat away from the glass.


The lens cap is integrated with the product. Unlike other products, the lens cap will not get lost and adds protection to the lens when it is not in use. The life of the lens is longer and the cap protects it from being scratched.


This is a product that is reasonably priced. The scope delivers well and is similar to higher-end scopes. The images and the clarity of detail are exceptional and can be used in any type of outdoor environment.


The field of view is limited and the eyepiece is not stable on the scope. There are issues with magnification that blurs out the image. The range of sight is only until 656 feet (200 meters) and becomes blurry if 984 feet (300 meters) is reached.

The Verdict

The Gskyer Spotting Scope is a good product because the quality of images is clear and reaches up to 656 feet (200 meters) in visibility. The magnification is good at 75x and the lenses are well-made. The body of the scope is stable and balanced by a rubber coating that protects the scope from bumps and moisture.


The focus wheel provides smooth zooming. However, the product will not be able to render images that are further than 984 feet (300 meters) away.

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