Eyeskey Spotting Scope Review

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People who go bird watching or animal hunting know that having a good scope contributes to at least 40% of the outdoor activity’s success. That is because you cannot predict the movements of the animals. The reality is, you have to wait in one spot for hours and just let nature take its course. Thus, by the time that majestic deer comes along, you should have a powerful scope to let you experience what you came to do.


The problem is, what scope should you use? The perfect choice should be something that can brave the challenges of extreme activities. Additionally, it should be able to cover a wide distance since you will be far away from the target spot. Lastly, it should have features that will help you get a better visual of whatever it is that you are looking at.


The Eyeskey Spotting Scope claims to tick off all those requirements. However, does it perform really well as much as they advertise it to be? Let us find out by looking at its features and listing down its advantages and disadvantages.

Product Overview

The Eyeskey Spotting Scope is a compact and portable product that you can use for your hunting and animal viewing adventures. Although this is also designed for extreme sports, you might not get very clear images as it is actually best used as an observation scope.


With that said, it can withstand hard conditions as it is waterproof and protected with a hardcore rubber covering. At the same time, the weight is neither too heavy nor too light to ensure that you can use it comfortably without the high chance of dropping it as well falling when placed on a tripod.


In addition, it has a large field of view allowing you to view from wide angles. Similarly, people who wear eyeglasses will have no problems with using this product because the eyecups are twistable and adjustable. The lens itself also has an eye relief feature.


When it comes to its zooming power, there is actually no problem, especially when used in good lighting conditions. However, it can perform poorly in low light settings.


Finally, just like any other scopes, this product can have a bit of shakiness when zoomed at an unstable rate or at its fullest. Hence, the best zoom that this product can offer in good lighting is at 30x. Adjusting the zoom level will be easy though since you can comfortably manipulate and control the focal wheel.


• Comfortable and easy to use
• Can be used with or without eyeglasses
• Clear and true optics
• Wide-angle view
• Can see clearly even at long distances
• Great magnification
• Extremely portable
• Durable design
• Can properly balance light
• The focal wheel can be easily adjusted with one hand
• Pairs well with smartphones and DSLRs
• The adapter fits everything well even with a mounted camera
• Does not scratch easily
• Excellent customer service
• Risk-free purchase
• Can be used even during rainy seasons without hassle
• Complete and compatible accessories


• Magnification does not work properly in bad or low lighting
• The tripod can be unstable
• The strap is a bit flimsy
• Can be heavier than expected
• There is some shakiness at optimum zoom


Both the Wingspan Optics Titan Monocular Scope and the Eyeskey Spotting Scope are waterproof products. They both have a wide-angle view and can produce clear images. They also have a BAK4 type prism coating and are nitrogen-filled.


In addition, they can be best used during daylight. Both are also easy to use. However, in terms of zooming capacity, the Wingspan Optics Titan Monocular Scope is a step further than the Eyeskey. In fact, it can be seen as a more professional choice with its high rating of accuracy and precision.


Nonetheless, when it comes to convenience and value for money, the one from Eyeskey is better than the Wingspan Optics model. That is because you no longer need to buy a tripod. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty while its counterpart only offers a 30-day guarantee.


Further, the Wingspan Optics Titan Monocular Scope is lighter than the Eyeskey model; thus, you would have difficulty stabilizing it when you place it on a tripod.


Probably, the one from Wingspan Optics is best used when you already have your setup brushed out, and you just need another scope. But for those who are starting out? The Eyeskey Spotting Scope is the one to go for.

The Verdict

The Eyeskey Spotting Scope definitely has flaws. However, as we have mentioned, it is a good starting point since it has a lot of good features that can really help you view the subject clearly without too many hassles. The zoom-in feature is also pretty good for a scope that is still not considered to have professional quality.


With that in mind, if you need something of higher quality especially for zooming in and one that has a great sharpness level, this is not the scope for you. Other than that, this is a pretty decent scope that will not fail you in spotting those birds and other animals when you are at a considerable distance. Also, the things that come with the purchase are all that you will ever need to set up your scope and even mount your camera.

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